Tata Prima LX 2525 Trucks

      Forging new paths to success.

      Tata Motors | Feb 22, 2019 6:15 pm
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      In a wonderful step forward for us in Hyderabad, a key opinion leader recently purchased 6 Prima LX 2525.K trucks. He already had a fleet of trucks from other companies, but after seeing our truck loading capacity and hearing their specifications and benefits, was convinced to purchase the Primas for his road construction business.

      The Prima LX 2525.K BS IV is the ideal combination of power and economy for mining and construction applications. It is available in different body options like 16 Cum box with 11 x20 standard tyres & 14 Cum Scoop with 11 x20 18 PR mining tyres.

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      Tata M&HCV Trucks have stood the test of time and delivered value to customers operating in varied applications. Today, it has emerged as the leader in Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles Truck category with 25 lakh trucks rolled out so far.

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